Monday, April 13, 2009

Thus ends my Blogging of Lent 2009!

I did not start to blog through Lent and Holy week but I am glad I did. What I was going to do was just present the donkey art related to Palm Sunday and Lent. It grew into much more as I recalled works of art that met the moods of lent I was feeling. It was really a wonderful way to meditate on the whole passion of Christ. I also had a wonderful trip back in time and drew from my days at Edinboro University taking art history from George Pitluga. It was Pitluga who turned me onto the religious paintings of Dali. At that time the Dali Museum was located near Cleveland and we went over on a field trip and saw many of Salvador Dali's paintings. We also went to the Cleveland Art Museum. I don't think Dr. Pitluga was a religious man but he loved those religious works of Dali's and he always said. " I know I am not supposed to like these, the art critics all say they are bad but I love them anyway." I would like to dedicate this last week's blogging to the amazing man who brought art history alive for me in the 1970s. I recently found Dr Pitluga passed away a few years ago. I regret I never told him after college how much I appreciate the way he taught.

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