Friday, June 12, 2009

I like this post from Huffington Post

I like this post from Huffington Post, It reflects in many ways how I feel:
Part I

I know that I run the risk of making people livid but I have to state a fact of life. WE all know without a shadow of a doubt that the human race will be extinct if all were to wake up tomorrow and be Gay. FACT not spin. WE have to acknowledge that there is something fundamentally structured about life itself that suggests that male and female is the intended format of being. I know it is not poltically correct for me to state this but it is nevertheless truth. Nature itself bears confirmation of the fact that the world would cease to be if all same sexes were to operate without the interaction of the opposite species. FACT not spin.

Now, having said this profound truth...what does that mean for those that are Gay. I say live and let live. I am not intimidated by your lifestyle or feel the need to oppress you. I know that life is one complicated whirlwind of emotions and activities that "normal" can not always be easily defined. As a matter of a fact...I ceased trying to define "normal" a long time ago...since mankind continues to redefine it according to his own standard of references. Part II

I am not offended by Gays and I do not again...want to stand in your way...for when I look at you ..I see a fellow human being...independent of your sexual orientation...but that does not mean that I accept the premise that Male and Female was not the intended format from the Creator. And if I truly embrace the Creator...I do not have license to harm or disrespect you. Trust think you have me pegged as a bigot...and that is far from who I am...I just don't pull any politcal correctness punches."

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