Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Gay activists are wasting all their political capital

Its unbelievable that Gay activists are wasting all their political capital on this Gay marriage fight because this will not stop discrimination. It will not give anymore protection than civil unions yet they rage on. Why are they fighting for the right to wed when hardly any Gay people want to be married? Why are they putting all Gay people at risk of a backlash just to make a point? Calling everyone that does not agree a bigot will not change anything. From my experinces most Gay couples are not interested in marriage only the safety net of benefits and visiting rights in the hopsital etc.. Most American babies are now born of single mothers out of wedlock. Why push for Gay marriage when it turns fellow liberals against the Gay movement? I love Gay people but not this ludicrous push for Gay marriage. America should return to the family unit of a mother and a father to be role models and care takers of the children . I won't budge on my stand because I know what is good for our children. Our culture has become selfish and oblivious to the needs of children. . We are in fact sounding the death knell of our culture by dismantling all the structures that hold it together.

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