Saturday, September 5, 2009

Julie Jacobson photographer

Lance Cpl. Joshua "Bernie" Bernard is hit

With all due respect this photograph by Julie Jacobson of the mortally wounded soldier was published to make people aware. Before you react please be sure you read the post above this? Remember, the photos of Vietnam actually helped bring the war home and change allot of peoples minds about what the war really was like. This helped end the war. Look at the photos of the Civil War casualties that were published when photography was new to the public. The military, by hiding all photos of coffins and of the dead is misleading the public and its wrong! They are taking away the gut shock war brings and pillowing the public from reality. It is immoral and un-American to censor the press unless it endangers the troops or compromises a mission. Gates and the military wanted to keep this from the public but the soldiers julie was embedded reacted this way:
"Some of Bernard's comrades asked to see the photos. In her journal she described them flipping through the images she had captured that day:

They did stop when they came to that moment. But none of them complained or grew angry about it. They understood that it was what it was. They understand, despite that he was their friend, it was the reality of things."

Here is a rare image of Petersburg, Virginia. Dead Fed. Soldier. It was taken in 1865 by Roche, Thomas C., d. 1895.

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