Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Marriage and the Biology of the Earth

Men and women are very different from each other. That is the magic and the wonder of marriage, when two very different creatures, wired differently come together in an amazing union! The very definition of the word marriage is the coming together of two different things to make one all new thing. The sparks fly, the hormones hop and all is life affirming and electrifying. Thus the glorious marriage of a man and a women with the mystical and astounding ability to create new life with the joining of their sperm and egg. It is what our very DNA cry out for! It connects us back to the caves and to the very creation of life on earth. I am not trying to be unkind but a union of two people of the same sex do not come together in this way. It cannot be, and pretending it can is ridiculous. The emperor has no cloths. What two people of the same sex may have is a form of love but it is not cemented by biology and the spark of creation. Just because in 40 years our society has gone roaring down this road to reinvent itself because it has wealth and will does not change God's plan for mankind or the pulse and fire of the very basic cells that make life possible. This is all a new and trendy little experiment by modern man that defies the truth of the cosmos. Baby boomers and their seed are forever trying to play God and remake the world in their own self centered image and they are making a royal mess of it all. It will not be long before there is a correction by the very earth itself for our tinkering with God's creation. Money is why this is all coming to the fore. These high times are but a nanosecond in God's calendar and clock. We have thrown away our families and our neighborhoods and abandoned our children for pleasure and profit and so this too is part of the arrogance of post modern man who thinks he is smarter than God. Pretending God does not exist is another part of this misguided revolution of narcissism.

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