Friday, February 22, 2008

Somethin about a Mule.....

I put up a photo tonight of my best friend, Penny riding her mule Ruth. Mules are so amazing and so hardy. I am hoping to find a good saddle mule for myself in the next year or so as my Morgan mare gets close to retirement age. I am so fond of my donkeys I think its time to find a mount that is as steady and resilient as my burro pals, Sam and Willie. My Morgan is a great horse and I would not fault her but there is something about the brain of the mule that is just incredible. I have had a few good little mini-mules but nothing big enough for me to ride. There are certainly allot more mules out there to be had since I began buying long-ears back in 1985. I am hoping now is the right time for me to find that special riding animal. I turn 50 on Sunday and perhaps at the half century mark I am almost as smart as a mule.


Floyd Ells said...

Congratulations on your new blog Beth...and happy birthday KID! Thanks for the link. I agree with your love of donkeys...great pets and much more intelligent than they look.


Gimmer said...

Thanks Floyd, glad you came in for a look. I hope someone else sees this one. Have you any donkeys on your spread?
-Beth (Gimmer)

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